the fine line between magic and science (lionille) wrote in trio100,
the fine line between magic and science

The Frog Prince

Title: The Frog Prince
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Trio
Challenge: Frog
Team: Due to the theme of this drabble, this week I’m playing for Weasley’s Kings. ;)

Harry nearly spit out his butterbeer. “You didn’t!”

“I’m afraid I did,” Hermione admitted. She closed the cover on the book of Muggle fairy tales.

“I’m not sure I want to kiss a girl who’s kissed a bunch of frogs,” Ron teased.

“It was only the one. I found him in the vegetable garden one morning under the cucumber vine and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try.” Hermione smiled. “My mother saw me out the kitchen window and went completely spare.”

“I can imagine,” Harry said wryly.

“Well, I did grow up to marry a wizard,” Hermione pointed out.
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